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Optymyse Is More Than Just A Wallboard …

It’s The New Way To Engage Contact Centre Employees

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Cisco Contact Centers Just Got Sexier!

In the last few months we’ve successfully deployed Optymyse at both UCCE and UCCX sites and we’re delighted with the results. The end of traditional call handling metric wallboard’s is coming! more and more of you are realising that agents want more from your visual communications solutions.

Following in the footsteps of Hollywood

In Hollywood, it’s the stars that make people flock to watch a movie and the movie makers know it. So, who are the stars of customer care in a contact centre? Directors? Managers? Supervisors? Obviously, company processes and ethos does have an impact on the way agents deal with customers but at the end of the day the stars are the agents themselves!

The only way a good Contact Centre Manager can get value from TV screens in their contact centres ….

Is to ensure the content is useful to their Agents. After all, it’s them that spend the day looking at it… How many times a day do your agents look at the call metrics displayed on the TV screens around your Contact Centre? If it’s a LOT you might have a problem. If it’s a little, you really have a problem. Yeah, confusing – here’s what we mean;

5 questions which guarantee you avoid hidden contact centre technology costs

So, you convinced your boss to budget for the upgrade of your contact centre wallboards, and you have had presentations from a few companies, and you choose the templates you liked the look of the most – logical right, like many people you are probably motivated visually and have gone for the slickest presentation, but now your being told if you want to change your templates you need to pay high professional services fees,