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Turning Traditional Wallboard’s On Their Head

What d’ya mean take the call handling metrics off our wallboard’s!? Are you mad? If that sounds like a strange thing to do read on, if you’ve taken all or most of your call handling metrics off your TV screens, bravo!

Place your agents head in freezing water!?

I just read a blog entitled “8 Stress Management Techniques for Call Center Agents” and I am not kidding one of the 8 was to and I quote; “Place your head into ice cold water”, surely if things are that bad you’ve got bigger issues than just agent stress.  Here at SJS we’ve got a much “dryer” method for reducing agent stress, sickness and absenteeism.

Making The Most Of Everything You’ve Got

In most cases a new contact centre or help desk solution will deliver considerable benefits over legacy systems, but does purchasing new technology guarantee success in your organisation?

Guaranteed To Disrupt & Differentiate

If you’re looking for a way to get the attention of prospects, give your proposal the edge and make sure your pitch is never forgotten, we have the solution…