What the world’s most expensive adverts can teach you about agent disengagement

GoDaddy.com spent $2.4 million advertising their web hosting business back in 2004. Chump Change compared to Ferrari and Honda (my favourite) who dramatically upped the game with $4.5Million and $5.5Million respectively.

CEO Stephen Pace talks about contact centre wallboard best practice & disengagement

Optymyse delivers the perfect blend of metrics from any source, and information in a fresh and friendly format designed to solve agent disengagement and get the best from your contact centre agents.

How to use TV screens to solve Agent Disengagement

The only way a good Call Centre Manager can get value from the TV screens dotted all over their contact centres is to ensure the content is useful to their Agents.  After all, it’s them that spend the day looking at it…

Solving the agent disengagement puzzle

With Billions in revenue lost through disengaged agents and the inevitable (and costly) round of re-hires, onboarding and training, agent disengagement is a growing challenge. Can it be solved?