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Optymyse4™ Enterprise

optymyse4 enterprise product info

Optimise your agent's environment,
maximise your customer loyalty


Optymyse4™ Enterprise

  • A powerful, flexible, multi-channel, multi-data-source visual communication solution.
  • Guaranteed to empower and motivate contact center agents.
  • An essential component of an effective and engaging contact centre environment.
  • Suited to medium to large or multi-site environments

Optymyse Instant™

Optymyse Instant product info

Improve your customer care,
in an Instant™!

Optymyse Instant™

  • A highly efficient software only wallboard system for companies with smaller budgets
  • Clear, easy to read displays convey call handling metrics and transfer information via scrolling messages.
  • Quick to deploy, easy to administer, and priced at only £1,995, $2,995, €2,295

Optymyse Remote™

Optymyse Remote product info

Consistent communication,
drives dependable performance

Optymyse Remote™

  • An extremely cost-effective, browser-based desktop wallboard solution for call and contact centers.
  • Guarantee consistent levels of performance from your on and off-site agents.
  • Available as a stand-alone solution or add-on to Optymyse4™ Enterprise or Optymyse Instant™.

SJS Solutions - Improving Customer Care

SJS Solutions are passionate about improving customer care for companies of all sizes. Our product range has been developed with the sole purpose of improving customer trust, obtaining customer loyalty and increasing profitability for companies who use customer engagement centers (CEC) or contact centers. That’s all we do!

If your company uses a customer engagement centre (CEC) or contact centre to deliver customer care via voice, email, social or other channels, we have several solutions which will quickly increase customer loyalty.

    • Optymyse4™ IntelliDisplays™: Much more than a wallboard solution, a complete contact center communication system.
    • Optymyse4™ IntelliMobile™: Give your supervisors and management visibility of the same information agents see via our IntelliDisplays™ on tablets and smart phones
    • Optymyse4™ IntelliAgent™: Design your fully brandable, browser-based desktop wallboard, perfect for remote workers or where access to IntelliDisplays™ is not possible.

Engage, impress and motivate your agents, supervisors and visitors with dynamic communication solutions. When you need an easy to deploy, cost effective way to accelerate knowledge transfer, boost agent confidence, reinforce training, promote proactive complaint handling and increase First Call Resolution, Optymyse4™ IntelliDisplays™ have the power and flexibility to give you exactly what you need.

Optimized for LED, LCD and Plasma TV screens, mobile devices (Apple and Android) and agent desktops, Optymyse4™ IntelliDisplays will allow you to create consistent, branded, real-time displays which enhance your contact center environment, while also providing clear, instant and impossible to ignore communication channels for your most important assets, your agents.

Watch a Video, Request a Call Back or Download a Product PDF

If you are a small to medium sized organization with an in house contact center or help desk and would like to display real-time data from your Cisco UCCX or ShoreTel ECC, and you don't have the need for features like multi-media, branding or other high end functionality, our entry level wallboard product Optymyse Instant™ is quick and easy to deploy.


Give your agents the tools they need to strengthen long term client relationships, reputation and profitability!