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Visual Communications Simplified …

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How End Users Will Guarantee The Success Of Your Technology Projects

Technology can be great and in most cases a new support desk, CRM or contact centre solution will deliver considerable benefits over legacy systems, but does purchasing new technology guarantee success? Absolutely not!

How Laughter Will Make Your Organisation Thrive

If like many companies you’ve got TV screens dotted all over your offices, and like most companies these screens are being used to display metrics, news or other corporate information you’re in luck!

The Ultimate Guide To Using TV Screens To Maximise Employee & Customer Satisfaction

THE BASICS Employee and customer happiness are inexplicably linked; therefore, any form of visual communication should drive improvements in employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction. How? Simple.

Calling All Credit Unions!

Customer Service is the key reason why your customers choose you over traditional banks. It’s been proven that agent satisfaction and loyalty have a direct influence on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Add that to the fact that you have more of an influence over your agents than you do your customers, therefore you are far more likely to achieve your goals if you focus on your agents.