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27 Nov 2015

Millennials demand more

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Millennials demand more! According to Pew Research[i], as of Q1 2015, over one-in-three American workers are Millennials. These tech savvy individuals were born between 1980 and 2000 and are more comfortable with new technology and are more likely to embrace Unified Communications and Contact Centre technology, but only if the technology in question offers them

13 Nov 2015

Agents and customers want the same things

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Many of today’s contact centre problems can be solved without large investments. It’s not always the big things that deliver the greatest returns, if executed incorrectly and left unsupported by many smaller ongoing activities, return on investment (ROI) on large projects is lengthy and can be disappointing. So what are some of the common problems

9 Nov 2015

Are you a Contact Centre Customer Experience Specialist?

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Are you a contact centre customer experience specialist? If you or the organisation you work for promote the skills to deliver contact center solutions as opposed to communication solutions and you are involved with tenders where the contact centre environment, agents and customer experience are a high priority then you probably need to understand the