3 simple ways to erode ROI when you upgrade your Contact Centre tech

1. Start by replicating what you have today.

Would you buy a brand new 70inch 4k TV and set the resolution to what you had on your old TV?  Would you buy a new car with parking sensors, switch them off and bump into people in car parks?

Traditional Wallboards don’t improve agent morale because they don’t meet the 3 human needs we all desire.

If you invest in a new, flexible wallboard solution which gives you the option to create something cool, fun and engaging, don’t make the mistake of starting where you left off, because a year from now you will simply just have a more expensive wallboard for your agents to ignore.

2. Thinking your agents are as bothered about call handling metrics as you are.

Well they are not, in fact they have wallboards which tell them stuff they already know, agents know they are busy and they need to get to calls, they know it’s their responsibility to be as efficient as possible. What they want is the knowledge and support to deliver positive customer experiences, that’s why they come to work each day!

3. The result of not involving your CSM’s.

Good CSMs are hard to find and easy to loose, by not involving them in your technology discussions you will alienate them and are unlikely to meet all their needs, get them involved early and you’re far more likely to extract the most ROI from your investments.

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