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Optymyse Is More Than Just A Wallboard …

It’s The New Way To Engage Contact Centre Employees

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What to expect from investing in Optymyse

Your customers expect you to deliver the latest innovations in employee engagement technology, we have the tools to exceed these expectations and make you money…

3 simple ways to erode ROI when you upgrade your Contact Centre tech

1. Start by replicating what you have today. Would you buy a brand new 70inch 4k TV and set the resolution to what you had on your old TV?  Would you buy a new car with parking sensors, switch them off and bump into people in car parks? Traditional Wallboards don’t improve agent morale because they don’t meet the 3 human needs we all desire.

Optymyse Manifesto Join Us!

A Contact Centre Superstar has the respect and full support of his or her agents no matter how tough it gets. Contact Centre Superstars always fight for tools which support their agents. Contact Centre Superstars dare to question anything they feel will damage the well being and positivity of their agents.

The Science Behind Employee Engagement in Call Centres

For those of you who’ve not had time to read the latest research into employee engagement here’s the science behind keeping your agents from walking out the door and making the most of the thousands you invest in them.