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The New Way To Engage Contact Centre Employees

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The Science Behind Employee Engagement in Call Centres

For those of you who’ve not had time to read the latest research into employee engagement here’s the science behind keeping your agents from walking out the door and making the most of the thousands you invest in them.

Uncover the Science behind contact centre success (Expert Secrets)

£25,000 Give Away! On the 27th July myself and SVP of Customer Service for FedEx will uncover the science behind contact centre success. This masterclass is for contact centre professionals who want to learn the science behind employee behaviour in call and contact centres, as well as simple techniques to increase agent happiness, loyalty and satisfaction.

Incident Management in Police Contact Centres

  In recent months, our emergency services call and contact centres have been under great strain, offices dealing with emergency and non-emergency calls must think on their feet and when a major incident is underway that is extremely stressful, it will often result in an increase in staff turnover and rising overheads.

Is Longest Wait Killing Agent Morale and Impacting Profit?

Figures show that failure to keep employees happy and engaged is costing the UK call centre industry as much as £2.3 billion every year. The No1 challenge facing contact centres today is: Employee Turnover. At average 26% turnover rate a 100 agent contact centre spends £160,000 each year on recruitment and retraining. It’s a huge number and a growing problem for contact centres. What’s causing it?