Digital Display Software

Optymyse Digital Display Solutions; the most powerful real-time communications solution for call centers, helpdesks, sales offices and other environments
Engage, inspire and educate CSR’s, helpdesk, sales and other teams with clean, crisp digital displays viewable via desktop, mobile and flat screen TV. Available On Premise or via Cloud, no expensive hardware required.
Delight staff, managers and directors by creating professional, digital signage grade information portals. Create unique screens capable of displaying any content on any device, anywhere.
The most flexible, customizable graphic designer combined with approved real-time data connectors compatible with all major call center platforms (including: Avaya, Unify, ShoreTel and Cisco) plus a free API able to connect to Big Data and Small Data (including WFO / ERP, CRM, Social Media, Support ticketing, Customer Feedback and POS). 4K and Video Wall Compatible.
Make your call centers, sales offices, helpdesks or other environments more enjoyable places to work, reduce staff attrition and attract the best staff to your business. Reduce the strain on managers and reduce staff attrition by creating high quality communication channels between you and your key personnel.

Protect Profitability

A team of motivated, well-informed customer care, sales or help-desk agents will generate substantial up sell, cross sell and repeat sale revenue at higher profit margins than your sales executives.

Enhanced Environment

A professional, efficient environment reduces cost through lower staff attrition rates and by attracting the best personnel. Knowledge transfer and brand reinforcement supports training, releases management time and builds a confident, motivated team.

Maximise Performance

Great communication is key to the effectiveness of any team. Digital Displays are a powerful, affordable way to transfer information, strengthen your brand and encourage confidence in personnel and agents.

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