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Visual Communications Simplified …

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Fast Track Employee Engagement Benefits

By now most people are aware that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are enjoying 10% higher customer ratings, 22% higher profitability, and 21% better productivity, that’s according to a huge study by Gallup plus a big serving of common sense, but how can you start to enjoy these improvements right away?

Revitalising Your Team, Smash Your Targets!

If you really care about your people and your customers, and you want 2018 to be your most successful year on record, read on….

The Dangers Of Dashboards

Analytics is big business, but what message are you sending your employees when you display management information on TV screens, and what impact does it have?

3 Quick Ways To Solve Staff Morale Issues

Making employees happy may well have been proven to be one of the most effective ways to make your organisation more profitable and successful, but what if you don’t have the funds to follow Employee Happiness Guru Tony Hsieh’s advice, and employ an employee happiness officer to monitor employee engagement and make sure everyone is contributing to a common goal?