With Optymyse, any company is able to take data from anywhere and display it on anything!

Optymyse Employee Engagement & Visual Communications Software helps build highly effective call and contact centers.  Motivating call center agents to contribute towards organisational success.

Create powerful screen designs capable of displaying any content on any device. Don’t stop at call center metrics. Empower contact center agents with live customer feedback, enlighten with operational messages and motivate with successes, team events, news and anniversaries.

Build a happy team, increase employee satisfaction by reducing stress and encouraging employee engagement. Support internal branding and improve knowledge transfer with engaging visuals focused on inspiring, supporting and educating contact center agents and employees.

Quickly create branded displays which enhance environments and support employees. Avoid boring, single system, data only wallboards and dashboards. Get a flying start by using ready-made templates, choose from a selection of data connectors or use our free API to create your own, and take control of your contact center visuals.

Instantly transfer knowledge, performance metrics, employee communications, customer feedback, internal branding, multi-media (including live TV) and company values to agents and employees.

Employee Engagement

It is no longer enough to publish Calls Waiting, Abandoned Rates and Time to Answer metrics on contact center wallboards and agent desktops. A cross system, cross channel, multi-layer approach to visual communications gives agents a true picture of customer engagement.

Enhanced Environment

A professional, efficient environment reduces cost through lower staff attrition rates and by attracting the best personnel. Knowledge transfer and brand reinforcement supports training, releases management time and builds a confident, motivated team.

Maximise Performance

Great communication is key to the effectiveness of any team. Digital Displays are a powerful, affordable way to transfer information, strengthen your brand and encourage confidence in personnel and agents.

Client Comments

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: What type of data can I display?

A: Optymyse supports most APIs that use standard best practices including RESTful and connects with almost any data source including; automatic call distributors (ACD), contact center solutions, workforce management systems, outbound dialers, IVRs, CRM and WFO as well as ERP, social media, customer feedback, call back and trouble ticket systems. We have ready made, tested connectors for:  Avaya, Unify, Shoretel, Cisco and Noble Systems.

Q: Is Optymyse available as SaaS in the cloud?

A: Yes. We offer both cloud and on premise solutions. Our Cloud Technology Partner (Vultr) allows us to quickly spin up servers at our Secure Data Centers across the globe. Refer to our Pricing page for more details. http://www.sjssolutions.com/pricing/

Q: Will Optymyse Mobile remain up to date if I am out of the office?

A: Yes, if you are using Optymyse via the cloud. Yes, but if you are On Premise you would need to publish the Optymyse server to the net.

Q: Does Optymyse require media players to connect with TV screens?