About SJS Solutions

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Founded in 2001 SJS Solutions develop innovative, affordable, easy to deploy Digital Display Solutions suitable for call centers & contact centers, help & support desks, sales teams, operational areas, driver depots and logistic offices to name a few.

Our mission at SJS Solutions is to ensure companies of all sizes are able to quickly deploy professional digital displays which will increase brand awareness, customer satisfaction, employee performance and employee engagement.

Our range of solutions are the result of over 10 years working with and listening to customers ranging from multi billion dollar health care enterprises to insurance & automotive companies with small teams of people striving to deliver the best service and call center performance possible.

In the last 5 years SJS Solutions have become a global leader in creating the most flexible, easy to deploy digital displays for companies of varying sizes with varying needs.

Our Optymyse range is compatible with 90% of all PBX technology including; Avaya, Cisco, ShoreTel and Unify, plus our free Application Programming Interface (API) allows organisations to capture data from any source and display the information on any device, sources include CRM, ERP, Salesforce, customer feedback, issue tracking and other software.

Meet the Management Team

Steve Pace
Steve PaceChief Executive Officer
Stephen is a true industry expert with over twenty years experience in customer service and contact centre technology
Ian Kaney
Ian KaneyHead of Technology
Ian is an experienced developer with a keen eye for detail. He also plays in a local band
Ade Vickers
Ade VickersSenior Consultant
Adrian is a talented developer with a tremendous understanding of telephony and contact centre technology
Jaki Hodge
Jaki HodgeSales Director: EMEA
Jaki is a highly experienced individual with extensive knowledge and skills in Sales and Organizational Development gained in a range of Sales and Operational positions
Steph Kaney
Steph KaneyTraining and Administration Manager
Steph is our lead trainer, voice behind our YouTube videos and also manages product deployment and administration
Kevin Brown
Kevin BrownSales Director: Americas and Australia
Kevin is a proven technology, customer service, operations and sales leader with 30 years of global experience designing and managing Customer Experience solutions