17 Mar 2016

The ten C’s of engaging employees

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The ten C’s of employee engagement can engage employees heads, hearts, and hands. Connect: Line managers must show that they value employees. Initiatives that are employee-focused such as work–life balance and profit sharing are important but if an employees’ relationship with their manager is defective, then no amount of benefits will persuade employees to perform

10 Mar 2016

Does colour affect the workplace?

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Research, academic studies and indeed our own personal experience prove that colour influences our moods in or outside the workplace. The generally accepted basic principles of colour therapy are: Colour has an automatic influence The meaning of colour is either biological or learned People automatically evaluate a colour The evaluation of a colour causes behaviour

2 Mar 2016

Make your customers stick with Optymyse

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We are not suggesting you cover your customers with honey but equally what we are suggesting is sweet! You’re a contact center specialist right? You want more of your customers to buy from you more often. You want them to rely on your expertise and to come to you for multiple products and services so you can

25 Feb 2016

Insurance specialist Premium Choice deploys SJS Solutions “best in class”

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Premium Choice have upgraded Optymyse, their Visual Communications Software, provided by SJS Solutions. Premium Choice are insurance specialists who provide car, van and bike enthusiasts with a genuine choice of quality and affordable motor insurance, backed up by first-class customer service at all times. SJS Solutions are market leaders in providing digital communication wallboards with

24 Feb 2016

Visual communications help to bridge the gap

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If you already use visual communications to help your agents confidently deliver customer excellence, you will know how influential your contact centre environment can be and how the information you display on your contact centre wallboards can motivate your agents. According to one recent study conducted by Oxford Economics and SAP, only 42% of employees

17 Feb 2016

Onboarding contact center agents is vital!

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Its the first step to a long and fruitful relationship Getting new agents up to speed on the culture, processes, and knowledge base of your company is an expensive undertaking, but there are some cost effective approaches you can use to which will also create a more social, fun environment for your agents. When a

10 Feb 2016

Six employee engagement ideas that may surprise you

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Increasing employee engagement and perceptions and allowing them to buy in to your company can be creative, fun and surprising. Celebrate People When employees feel valued, they’re motivated to do their jobs better and more likely to be engaged. Knowing how important it is to recognize employees for a job well done is key. However

21 Jan 2016

Employee Health – is it on your radar?

2016-10-19T14:32:31+00:00 January 21st, 2016|

Employee Health  - win, win Surely the health of your call center and contact centre agents is down to them? To some degree, it is, but what if you could help your employees to be happier and more satisfied in their roles? What if by taking a look at what causes high levels of employee stress

16 Dec 2015

Enhancing Your Employee Engagement Strategy In The Contact Center – free white paper

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Introduction Companies spend over $720 million each year on employee engagement1, and that’s projected to rise to over $1.5 billion. So why is employee engagement at a record low? In August this year, Ofcom2 published their 2015 communications report, ‘The Communications Market 2015’ which included in its findings that the UK is now a ‘smartphone

15 Dec 2015

Six Tips for giving customers a happy 2016

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1. Deploy technology that works Choosing technology which supports the customer experience helps create positive outcomes for both agents and customers. The easier it is for customer service agents to do a good job the more likely they are to be satisfied to stay with your organisation and the lower your training and recruitment costs