Stephen Pace, CEO

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In the final three years of ten at TNT Express (now owned by FedEx) I found my calling; Making it easier for CSRs to deliver great customer service. While at TNT I had the pleasure of reporting to the now Head of Customer Experience for FedEx, while under the guidance of Chris Goossens I spent a lot of time measuring the performance of customer care centres in 40 countries, I was often asked to travel to various locations to sit with agents, supervisors and managers to understand how to best help them improve their performance and identify best practice.  After leaving TNT I ran a 25 agent contact centre and developed a true understanding of what’s required to extract the very best from CSRs.  In 2001 I decided I wanted to help organisations build more effective contact centres, so I quit my job and started a software company called SJS Solutions. In the last 16 years my dedicated team and I have developed and evolved new ways to improve employee and customer satisfaction in four continents, and we continue to use the latest employee engagement and agent behaviour science to find new ways to support the legions of hard working CSRs, which exist across the globe.

If you fight for the best tools, dare to question anything likely to damage the well being & positivity of your employees & believe in putting them first then SIGN UP TODAY & let’s make Employee Disengagement a thing of the past.