Stephen Pace, CEO

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In the final three years of ten at TNT Express I found my calling. Working alongside Customer Service Managers, Supervisors and Agents to build the perfect Contact Center.  At the tender age of 28 my girlfriend fell pregnant & as we were living in an apartment in Amsterdam I felt it was necessary to buy a house with a garden in the UK so my kids could have the same freedom I had growing up. One of my last audits at TNT was Moscow. On one of the days it started to rain & the rain came straight into the contact center! I remember that even in those conditions the agents still cared for their customers, it was then I realized the true value of good agents and pledged to do all I could to make their lives better. It was a sad day when I left my CS Quality Manager position at TNT, after a short stint as Service Delivery Manager for EDS, I decided to spend more time with my young family so I quit & became a Personal Fitness Coach, I have always had a passion for helping others, but after selling anything I could, just to pay the mortgage this dream ended. I took a job as a CS Manager for a logistics company in the UK & continued to learn about contact centers. This group of agents had no intention of making my life easy, they had successfully got rid of the two previous managers & I felt like a young alpha trying to earn their trust, these guys helped me learn & grow & in 2001 I started SJS Solutions. In the last 16 years I’m proud to have developed new ways to improve contact centres across the globe.

This year I’m looking for Customer Service Managers who want to become Contact Center Superstars & by doing so gain the respect & loyalty of their teams. If you fight for the best tools, dare to question anything likely to damage the well being & positivity of your agents & believe in putting your agents first then FOLLOW ME & let’s make Agent Disengagement a thing of the past.