January 2015, Alaska, USA

Alaska’s largest water and wastewater company, Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility become Alaska’s first company to install Optymyse™ Visual Communications Solutions from SJS Solutions.

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility is the largest water and wastewater utility in Alaska. Including Anchorage, Chugiak-Eagle River, Peters Creek, Eklutna and Girdwood the Utility provides service to over 56,700 customer accounts which equates to an approximate population base of 233,270 residents.

Delivering drinking water and sewer services in a climate whose average annual temperatures ranges between 70 and minus 20 degrees Fahrenheit has its challenges, but that does not prevent AWWU from offering excellent customer service. After investing in a new ShoreTel ECC contact center solution, the Utility wanted to provide their Customer Representatives with an easy way to monitor their performance and ensure their callers are not kept waiting.

After using supervisor reports on large format monitors, Curtis Hupton, AWWU Information Technology, System Analyst, contacted SJS to ask if they had a low cost product that would allow its Customer Service Division more flexibility. The Utility wanted to communicate with its Customer Service Representatives via scrolling messages, and allow representatives to view information from anywhere in Customer Service Center.

Initially SJS offered their Optymyse™ 4.2 product, a solution which offers a host of screen design features, multi-media and ODBC feed capabilities. Although Optymyse™ 4.2 was an attractive product, because of the number of representative at the AWWU Customer Center and budget limitations, a less complex, more cost effective solution was necessary. SJS Solutions entry level wallboard product known as Optymyse™ Instant is completely browser-based and gave the Utility the features it needed to improve internal communications.

Hupton was quick to praise SJS for their efficiency. “Downloaded and installed,” he said. “So easy to get working!  Others need to take lessons from you.” https://www.sjssolutions.com/free-trial/

SJS Solutions will soon announce the launch of a replacement to Optymyse™ Instant. Optymyse™ Express will use the same platform as their current flagship product. The decision to retire Optymyse™ Instant was made because this product is based on older technology and does not offer the same screen design flexibility as can be had with the new range of Optymyse™ Visual Communications Solutions, due for release early 2015.

“Optymyse™ Express and Professional will both be browser-based systems, they will both offer Full HD clarity plus licences for agent desktops, mobile devices and TVs will be available. Unlike some other wallboard solutions there will be no visible frames. The most significant improvement for 2015 is the use of SJS Solutions latest screen designer technology across the whole product range. Express will be perfect for organisations with small or informal call or contact centers, while Professional will suit mid to large sized contact centers with more screens, data feeds and agent desktop requirements, and for larger enterprises where highly dynamic, multi-media ready screens are a must SJS are taking their best performing product to a whole other level, “Optymyse™ Enterprise will be a game changer on functionality, ease of deployment and price” Said CEO, Stephen Pace.

In order to ensure their customers always benefit from the best technology SJS has to offer, SJS have said that customers who have recently purchased Optymyse™ Instant and who remain up to date with support and maintenance payments will receive their upgrade free for at least the first six months, when they sign up for Optymyse™ Express or 3 to 6 months for Professional. SJS have asked that any Optymyse™ Instant users who feel they need more flexibility or functionality to help them improve agent motivation and communication via TV screens, agent desktops, iPads and other mobile devices contact SJS Solutions for more information about their upgrade deals.

About SJS Solutions Limited

Founded in 2001 SJS Solutions develop innovative, affordable, easy to deploy visual communications solutions suitable for call & contact centers, help & support desks, sales teams, operational areas, driver depots and logistic offices to name a few. The SJS range of solutions are the result of over 10 years working with and listening to customers ranging from multi-billion dollar health care enterprises to insurance & automotive companies with small teams of people striving to deliver the best service and customer care possible. In the last 5 years SJS have become a global leader in creating the most flexible, easy to deploy visual communications for companies of varying sizes with varying needs. The SJS API now ensures customers can display anything, anywhere. https://www.sjssolutions.com/free-trial/ 

About AWWU

Anchorage Water & Wastewater Utility is Alaska’s the largest water and wastewater utility serving Anchorage, Chugiak-Eagle River, Peters Creek, Eklutna and Girdwood. The Utility collects water from two natural major surface watersheds, glacier fed Eklutna Lake and Chugach Mountain Range’s Ship Creek, as well as several deep underground wells. AWWU has over 55,800 water customer accounts.. The Utility’s three wastewater facilities and serve over 56,700 residential, commercial and military accounts. AWWU employs a staff of 278and the Utility spends approximately $65 million annually in a combined capital improvement budget to ensure the water and wastewater systems continue to perform efficiently.

Ever since SJS moved into visual communications in 2003, we have seen some contact center suppliers leave their customers with quick #wallboard fixes which cause frustration and worst of all left customers disappointed.


We have all heard the saying “You are only as good as your last; show, game or success”. Even after the smoothest, snag free contact center deployment. When agents are forced to look at over lapping browser windows or charts only suitable for desktops, and managers have to deal with frustrated CSRs who find information hard to decipher from a distance, the blame will more often than not come to rest with the company who installed the contact center.

Customers left to tolerate dull, unbranded displays which do nothing to improve the contact center environment, and miss an opportunity to create a feeling of brand ownership and pride will struggle to attract the best #CSRs and are more likely to suffer from high levels of agent #attrition and #absenteeism, the cost of which will far outweigh investing in #flexible, #professional visual comms solutions such as Optymyse™4 IntelliDisplay.blog pic

There is a tonne of research and conclusive evidence which supports the premise that contact center environments which do not promote agent well-being and fail to boost brand ownership will struggle to achieve their financial goals. https://www.sjssolutions.com/free-trial/

Telco and UC resellers, integrators and contact centre specialists are doing their customers a grave disservice if they do not give them the option to invest in flexible, professional, brandable, visual communications solutions which support internal marketing efforts and work hand in hand with better #floorplans, lighting and #ergonomic furniture.

If anyone reading this article would like to learn more about SJS Solutions Visual Communications Suite or would like to ask about becoming a reseller partner please feel free to contact us via email or call us on the numbers below.

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Are there good and bad agents or is it the organisations responsibility to bring out the best in all agents?

According to research by Herman Miller, as the role of call and contact centres expand, so does the understanding of how they should be set up to best fulfil their potential. Telephony solutions such as unified communications, that promise to increase agent efficiency and save money often get first consideration, but the look and layout of the physical space occupied by agents merits equal attention.

The better agents are treated, the better they’ll treat customers. Put agents in a pleasant environment with comfortable furnishings and they’re more likely to maintain a patient, friendly attitude than if their workplace is hot, cramped, and depressing.


When a roomful of people talk on the phone at the same time, it gets loud!—potentially approaching the level of some power tools. This noise can fray agents` nerves and jeopardize their productivity and composure. Worse, a hum of background chatter sounds unprofessional on the other end of the line.

Agent attrition costs are more than most call center executives realize. Every 10 percent of attrition has been shown to lead to one percent of customer churn.

When a seasoned call center agent leaves their position, the first step most call center managers take is to start looking for a replacement. The costs associated with advertising for new recruits can be significant, but even more costly are the screening and interviewing processes. Training new agents is a costly endeavor.

High attrition rates can result in significant costs, decrease a call center’s performance and cause profitability to plummet. It is therefore imperative that call center managers understand why agents leave, why they are fired and how to prevent this.

Organisations will struggle to attract the best agents if the environment isn’t of the highest standard, you need to make your CEC a place that the best agents want to work and stay at.

Visual communications tools such as wallboards, desktop wallboards and mobile applications offer a cost effective way to support agents, encourage brand ownership and complement a professionally designed contact center layout.

To learn more about the impact of effective visual communications will have in your contact centre


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Source: Herman Miller, InContact, Vizz Media, SJS Solutions.




Anchorage Water and Waste Water Utility (AWWU) wanted their agents to have access to clear, easy to read call handling data from their ECC plus be able to communicate using scrolling messages and threshold alerts. Curtis Hupton MCSE Systems Analyst was quick to praise SJS for their efficiency by saying: “Downloaded.  Installed.  So easy to get working, others need to take lessons from you”


2014 has been a great year for visual communications and customer care, with most companies now investing more in their contact centres and agents than ever before. This year we (SJS) have helped more companies improve agent communications and in turn improve customer loyalty and profitability than any other year in our 14 year history. More high profile customers are turning to SJS Solutions for their visual communications needs. Plus we are now helping more companies save time and money by deploying our cost effective, easy to use Optymyse™ Wallboard Solutions in North and South America and Australia. With installations at high profile contact centers like; Pacific Source Healthcare, Alaskan Water and Waste and Delta Dental, as well as customers Australia SJS has become the product of choice for companies across the globe.

The UK has also been a growing market for SJS in 2014 with installations at utilities like Northern Power Grid, plus new additions to our expanding list of emergency service clients, including some of the UKs biggest police services Merseyside and Lancashire Police. Other notable additions to the SJS family of customers includes; Syncreon the supply chain solutions experts responsible for managing the supply chain needs of companies like Apple, BMW, Audi and Dell to name a few, St Johns Ambulance and logistics experts Findel PLC, a company responsible for the delivery of nearly 9m parcels per year in the UK, which sells 350,000 football kits annually in more than 140 countries around the world. It goes without saying that we take monitoring call handling performance for 999 lines extremely seriously and understand how important it is for logistics companies to be able to keep their agents up to date with changes to delivery times and product availability at this time of the year.

With more and more companies taking better care of their agents by improving contact center environments and agent communications, both of which have been proven to be key ingredients to increased FCR and customer loyalty, all at SJS are looking forward to delivering even better visual communications products in the new year and beyond.

I would like to say a big thank you to all the SJS reseller partners who have helped make this year such a success and a special thank you to our customers, without whom we could not continue to improve customer care across the globe. 2015 will be a pivotal year for SJS, technology is changing and we are able to offer more for less. My goal for 2015 is to make professional, engaging and flexible visual communications products available to companies of all sizes and all budgets. By making the Optymyse™ range of products more attractive and affordable, easier to try and deploy we can bring quality wallboards, agent desktop displays and mobile apps to; IT and other helpdesks, call centres, contact centres, sales offices and back office functions. Anywhere knowledge transfer and performance monitoring will give personnel the ability to deliver a better service to internal and or external customers.

Keep yourself current with more detail on the recent additions to our prestigious list of customers and avoid missing out on next year’s product news; it’s going to be exciting!


  1. Lost customers caused by nervous agents, unable to answer questions the first time
  2. What is the cost of one lost customer?


  1. Transferred calls or being placed on hold
  2. How many people will your customers tell if they are dissatisfied?


  1. Inconsistent service levels caused by poor resource planning & lack of knowledge
  2. Inconsistent service levels prompt your customers to look elsewhere; your loss is your competitors gain.


  1. High agent attrition, rates and associated recruitment costs
  2. Agent Attrition costs the US economy 370Bn a year


  1. Agent stress caused by confusion and unclear objectives
  2. Stressed agents plant seeds of doubt in the mind of customers, unsure customers spend far less than customers confident in your services.


  1. Inability to attract good agents to work in dull, low tech environments
  2. The agents who perform best want to work in the best contact centres


  1. Frustrations caused by inflexible, hard to read dashboards


  1. Agent boredom and lack of focus


  1. Agent Confusion caused by inconsistent communication
  2. Happy agents with clear goals are less likely to leave.


  1. Supervisors and managers spending too much time fire fighting
  2. Let Optymyse™ keep agents on track so supervisors can develop better training and focus on the future of your contact centre


  1. Agents unsure of responsibilities and call handling targets


  1. Communication bottlenecks and breakdowns
  2. Reduce the costs of fixing problems, get it right the first time


  1. Lack of connection to brand and awareness of company objectives
  2. Employees who feel part of your brand are more productive than those who are not.


  1. Lowering of customer care when agents are trained on new products and procedures


  1. Procedures not being followed due to lack of regular reminders
  2. Optymyse™ reinforces new procedures and communicates changes so agents do not need to be away from the phones as often.


  1. Time wasted reading emails


  1. Off-site workers feeling isolated


  1. Supervisors being out of touch when away from the contact centre
  2. Better productivity = higher return for each person employed in your contact centre.


  1. Wallboards becoming wallpaper

Visual Communications experts SJS Solutions in partnership with Inflow Communications of Oregon has provided the healthcare giant Pacific Source with a high tech new approach to modern contact centres focussed on improving the agent environment and customer satisfaction. 

Today many organisations consider their call and contact centers to be the key asset providing the primary link between their business and its customers.


Pacific Source understands the importance of looking after their agents and creating a contact center environment which allows agents to perform at their best. Wallboards exist in many contact centers, however in many cases the lack of screen design flexibility means they do little to enhance the agent environment. In many cases low-spec wallboards do more harm than good.

Frustrated with displaying browser-based, dashboard style screens via a PC connected to TV screens, Rich Wright, Telecommunications Specialist at Pacific Source, contacted SJS Solutions to discover what their Enterprise Visual Communications product Optymyse™ could do to improve things.

Mr Wright wanted to move away from confusing browser-based dashboards and instead deliver a solution which would enhance the agent environment and guarantee agent buy in and maximum ROI. The SJS product suite gave Pacific Source the engaging, dynamic screens they needed to support internal marketing efforts, build a strong corporate culture and improve the level of service they provide to 300,000 individuals and 5,700 employer clients throughout the Northwest.