1. Lost customers caused by nervous agents, unable to answer questions the first time
  2. What is the cost of one lost customer?


  1. Transferred calls or being placed on hold
  2. How many people will your customers tell if they are dissatisfied?


  1. Inconsistent service levels caused by poor resource planning & lack of knowledge
  2. Inconsistent service levels prompt your customers to look elsewhere; your loss is your competitors gain.


  1. High agent attrition, rates and associated recruitment costs
  2. Agent Attrition costs the US economy 370Bn a year


  1. Agent stress caused by confusion and unclear objectives
  2. Stressed agents plant seeds of doubt in the mind of customers, unsure customers spend far less than customers confident in your services.


  1. Inability to attract good agents to work in dull, low tech environments
  2. The agents who perform best want to work in the best contact centres


  1. Frustrations caused by inflexible, hard to read dashboards


  1. Agent boredom and lack of focus


  1. Agent Confusion caused by inconsistent communication
  2. Happy agents with clear goals are less likely to leave.


  1. Supervisors and managers spending too much time fire fighting
  2. Let Optymyse™ keep agents on track so supervisors can develop better training and focus on the future of your contact centre


  1. Agents unsure of responsibilities and call handling targets


  1. Communication bottlenecks and breakdowns
  2. Reduce the costs of fixing problems, get it right the first time


  1. Lack of connection to brand and awareness of company objectives
  2. Employees who feel part of your brand are more productive than those who are not.


  1. Lowering of customer care when agents are trained on new products and procedures


  1. Procedures not being followed due to lack of regular reminders
  2. Optymyse™ reinforces new procedures and communicates changes so agents do not need to be away from the phones as often.


  1. Time wasted reading emails


  1. Off-site workers feeling isolated


  1. Supervisors being out of touch when away from the contact centre
  2. Better productivity = higher return for each person employed in your contact centre.


  1. Wallboards becoming wallpaper