Are there good and bad agents or is it the organisations responsibility to bring out the best in all agents?

According to research by Herman Miller, as the role of call and contact centres expand, so does the understanding of how they should be set up to best fulfil their potential. Telephony solutions such as unified communications, that promise to increase agent efficiency and save money often get first consideration, but the look and layout of the physical space occupied by agents merits equal attention.

The better agents are treated, the better they’ll treat customers. Put agents in a pleasant environment with comfortable furnishings and they’re more likely to maintain a patient, friendly attitude than if their workplace is hot, cramped, and depressing.

When a roomful of people talk on the phone at the same time, it gets loud!—potentially approaching the level of some power tools. This noise can fray agents` nerves and jeopardize their productivity and composure. Worse, a hum of background chatter sounds unprofessional on the other end of the line.

Agent attrition costs are more than most call center executives realize. Every 10 percent of attrition has been shown to lead to one percent of customer churn.

When a seasoned call center agent leaves their position, the first step most call center managers take is to start looking for a replacement. The costs associated with advertising for new recruits can be significant, but even more costly are the screening and interviewing processes. Training new agents is a costly endeavor.

High attrition rates can result in significant costs, decrease a call center’s performance and cause profitability to plummet. It is therefore imperative that call center managers understand why agents leave, why they are fired and how to prevent this.

Organisations will struggle to attract the best agents if the environment isn’t of the highest standard, you need to make your CEC a place that the best agents want to work and stay at.

Visual communications tools such as wallboards, desktop wallboards and mobile applications offer a cost effective way to support agents, encourage brand ownership and complement a professionally designed contact center layout.

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