Ever since SJS moved into visual communications in 2003, we have seen some contact center suppliers leave their customers with quick #wallboard fixes which cause frustration and worst of all left customers disappointed.


We have all heard the saying “You are only as good as your last; show, game or success”. Even after the smoothest, snag free contact center deployment. When agents are forced to look at over lapping browser windows or charts only suitable for desktops, and managers have to deal with frustrated CSRs who find information hard to decipher from a distance, the blame will more often than not come to rest with the company who installed the contact center.

Customers left to tolerate dull, unbranded displays which do nothing to improve the contact center environment, and miss an opportunity to create a feeling of brand ownership and pride will struggle to attract the best #CSRs and are more likely to suffer from high levels of agent #attrition and #absenteeism, the cost of which will far outweigh investing in #flexible, #professional visual comms solutions such as Optymyse™4 IntelliDisplay.blog pic

There is a tonne of research and conclusive evidence which supports the premise that contact center environments which do not promote agent well-being and fail to boost brand ownership will struggle to achieve their financial goals. https://www.sjssolutions.com/free-trial/

Telco and UC resellers, integrators and contact centre specialists are doing their customers a grave disservice if they do not give them the option to invest in flexible, professional, brandable, visual communications solutions which support internal marketing efforts and work hand in hand with better #floorplans, lighting and #ergonomic furniture.

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