When agents have one expectation and leadership has another, it is a recipe for attrition.

Most companies do not give their agents adequate visibility of their performance and it is said that 74% of call center staff think they have poor tools for the job.

Many of them express the frustrations that arise from limited agent communication and unknowingly this has a massive impact on agent attrition rates and costs.

Employee disengagement is costing the U.S economy $370 billion a year and some companies have reported costs of as much as $30,000 every time an agent leaves within the first 90 days.

By enhancing their work environment not only will you attract the best agents, you are more likely to keep them engaged and motivated enough to avoid them leaving. One affordable method of improving the environment and ensuring personnel know how they are doing and what is expected of them is the intro of Digital Display. Using either TVs, desktops, mobile devices or a mix of all 3 and you will start to benefit from lower attrition rates, improved customer retention, higher sales conversion and lower costs. Download our free trial now.