The impact of employee engagement on performance is very real. The time to act is now! It has been proven that companies who focus on their employees, the environment they work in and their values are enjoying greater success compared to companies who continue to use the more common rewards vs discipline approach.

Organisations which invest in the creation of positive environments which consistently communicate business objectives and support employees with free flowing information are rewarded with; low attrition rates, motivated staff and consistent performance, all of which give them the tools to be more competitive.

The Harvard Business Review analytic services reports on the impact of employee engagement: 

– 71% of respondents rank employee engagement as very important to achieving overall organizational success.

– 72% of respondents rank recognition given for high performers as having a significant impact on employee engagement.

– Only 24% of respondents say employees in their organization are highly engaged.

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  • Release workforce potential
  • Free the flow of information
  • Communicate business objectives
  • Reward employee performance
  • Create a positive environment
  • Increase employee engagement
  • Reduce staff attrition
  • Support workforce values
  • Reinforce company culture