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Many may consider high levels of employee happiness as unachievable. Even if truly enjoying every second of every day is a rarity, surely the relationship between employee happiness and performance are too strong to ignore.

Happiness is a potent performance enhancer; we all perform at our best when we are happy. Any organisation not investing in the improvement of employee satisfaction quickly becomes a victim of inconsistent performance, escalating recruitment costs and unhappy customers.

How can visual communication improve employee satisfaction? Firstly everyone should feel part of a team, with a clear set of goals. Business objectives, mission and brand are easily reinforced using Optymyse™ Digital Displays; Optymyse allows organisations to create engaging, branded screen designs which remind employees of how important they are. Next; the right performance metrics allow employees to see how they are doing in real-time and empowers them to adjust their behaviour accordingly. Optymyse™ multi-layered thresholds reduce supervisor workload by alerting agents when things are not going well and encouraging them when they are. The provision of information which allows agents to quickly and confidently resolve problems encourages employee satisfaction, after all good agents live to help others. Free Software Trial.

Something else many organisations miss is the importance of acknowledging the human side to our employees; call centre and contact centre agents, help desk staff and other support staff are not machines they have interests outside of the work place and need to be given the ability to express themselves.  The Optymyse range of visual communications and employee engagement software solutions allow managers to recognise agent birthdays, anniversaries, special awards, employee of the month, personal achievements and other events which help to create a warm friendly, engaging environment which supports employees, rewards outstanding performance and encourages employee happiness.

New Starters vs agents in their second year

No matter how well you recruit and how much you spend on training, the way new starters interact with customers will never replace the confident, knowledgeable and soothing words of employees who are able to focus less time remembering which process they need to follow and instead give customers more attention thus nurturing a level of trust new starters simply cannot match.

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