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1.  Don’t think that by connecting a TV screen to your PC and displaying reports and dashboards designed for desktops is going to allow your call center, sales or contact centre employees to obtain the same insights you can. A desktop report often contains too much complexity and does not lend itself to being viewed from a distance making it too time consuming and challenging for agents to quickly locate the metrics they need to make the right decisions. Alternatively take raw data and create visual displays which are bold, easy to see from a distance and which combine data with important messages, threshold alerts and engaging graphics to reinforce your brand and improve the environment your employees work in.

2.  Don’t waste your TV real estate on just one type of data. This will create an imbalance in your workforce. For example many contact centers still insist on displaying call handling data such as TSF and Calls Waiting, this data can be useful but does not necessarily drive the results you want. Almost all companies want to increase the lifetime value of their customers and this can only be achieved by making your performance monitoring tools Customer Centric. We recommend that you take data from agent scorecards such as  Scorebuddy  plus customer feedback information such as NPS information, support ticketing success rates from the likes of  Zendesk, call back success rates from the likes of Fonolo and live customer feedback from social media and create a blended screen design which channels agent effort towards your key objectives; higher levels of customer satisfaction, buy frequency and life time value. By doing this you create a clear connection between agent behaviour and customer satisfaction, this is VITAL. Placing agent of the month images and customer satisfaction indicators on digital displays has to be a must for any company which provides any kind of support, helpdesk or contact center service to its customers.

3.  Don’t use visual communications as a Big Stick, employees respond far better to instructions, reminders, tips. And when things are going well positive messaging will lift morale. All of the recent research has proven that engaging and inspiring agents and making them part of your brand and business objectives will reduce attrition rates and ensure they fly your corporate flag and perform at their best.

According to Gallup; companies with low engagement scores earn an operating income 32.7 percent lower than companies with more engaged employees.
Similarly, companies with a highly engaged workforce experience a 19.2 percent growth in operating income over a 12-month period and disengaged employees cost the U.S. between $450 billion and $550 billion each year.

Sounds expensive and complicated?

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