How many good agents do you need to lose before you act?

Losing good call center agents is always a blow but what is the real cost when the good guys walk and what can be done to stop your best people going to your competition?

VoC is making way to VoE. The question is how much will improving employee satisfaction cost your business and can you afford it?

3 by-products of low employee satisfaction:

  • New agents don’t stand a chance! Disengaged agents with history will sabotage any improvements in productivity or service claiming lack of direction, poorly designed processes and by generally poisoning the minds of new starters.
  • The agents you want to employee will spot whether you are serious about VoE the moment they step into your center, if they sniff out old school techniques and technology they are more likely take their skills elsewhere.
  • Agents will pass their dissatisfaction onto your customers, if not in words, with bad attitude.

Let’s face it we all perform better, are less likely to cause disruption and are more pleasant to deal with when we are happy, at home and at work. It’s human nature. Forward thinking companies have known this for some time and by focussing and investing in their employees and the environments they work in they have been enjoying better performance, lower staff attrition, a reduction in training costs, less employee absenteeism and a higher calibre of applicant.

Moving from low employee satisfaction to high is not something you can fix overnight but there are some affordable steps you can take right now, today:

  • Avoid analytics, instead seek and convey to agents customers real feelings and feedback.
  • Replace reporting with supporting, the more agents know, the more confident they will be and we all know confidence builds trust.
  • Define what a good transaction is and measure how often they occur and why.
  • Move the spot light away from call handling metrics, they are useful but your wallboards, mobile apps and desktop wallboards need to be refocused towards creating an engaging, fun, high tech and dynamic environment for your agents.

We don’t want your competition to benefit from your investments in agent training!

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