Are you a Contact Centre or Customer Experience Specialist?

Are you a contact centre customer experience specialist? If you or the organisation you work for promote the skills to deliver contact center solutions as opposed to communication solutions and you are involved with tenders where the contact centre environment, agents and customer experience are a high priority then you probably need to understand the role visual communications plays in creating a positive, engaging environment for agents and supervisors.

Selling telephony is one thing, providing the knowledge and advice companies need to create a successful, optimised call centre or contact centre environment is something completely different, and in many cases many organisation who promote these services fall short of customer expectations.

Are you missing a piece of the puzzle?

Knowledge of your core products is not always enough to win tenders. Tools which allow you to engage with customer care departments give you the edge and allow you to position yourselves as contact center experts.

If you would like to help your customers build highly effective contact centers and leave a lasting, visual impression of your expertise and professionalism consider introducing the subject of employee engagement, agent awareness and knowledge transfer to your tenders. (Become a reseller) (Find out more)