agents and customers want the same things

Many of today’s contact centre problems can be solved without large investments. It’s not always the big things that deliver the greatest returns, if executed incorrectly and left unsupported by many smaller ongoing activities, return on investment (ROI) on large projects is lengthy and can be disappointing.

So what are some of the common problems which exist in almost every call or contact centre today and how can low cost actions deliver high yield results?

High staff attrition – Let’s face it any attrition is going to cause disruption and cost money and with contact centre’s experiencing some of the highest attrition rates of any work environment everyone is being affected.

Disengaged employees – Your agents might not be planning to leave but unless you are able to motivate them to contribute towards the success of your organisation their contribution will fall short, and in cases where strong feelings of employee dissatisfaction exist, the few unhappy employees you have are more likely to sabotage the efforts of your committed agents.

Lack of focus – Having a common goal which your employees can believe in sounds like something every employee should have, but it takes clear communication, constant reminders, a mix of the right performance management metrics and customer feedback to keep your teams pulling in the right direction.

How many contact centre wallboards have you seen lately showing live Social Media Monitoring Analytics, Social Feedback or Real-Time Customer Sentiment data?

Lack of knowledge – Nothing stresses us out more than not knowing the answer to a question, especially when customers are showing signs of dissatisfaction. Anything that can be done to furnish agents with the information they need to answer customer questions has a positive impact on agent confidence and employee satisfaction. After all contact centre agents simply want customers to be happy.

There’s no one solution to any of these problems, and with the landscape changing all of the time it’s not always easy to see through the fog, thankfully the one thing which remains the same is human nature. Research has proven many times that customers want answers fast and from the first person they speak to. Ironically, this is exactly what agents want and the one thing that is guaranteed to make them feel motivated and satisfied. Both sides of the customer – agent relationship want the same thing and this simplifies things considerably. Think about it, every time a contact centre agent has a positive experience while working with a customer he or she feel fulfilled, valued and motivated to feel this way again and again, equally customer needs are met and the a mutual feeling of satisfaction and positivity occurs.

It’s up to customer care managers, IT directors and technology vendors to find the best tools to ensure each customer interaction has the very best chance of success, and to my mind this means ensuring agents know what is expected of them, what the brand they represent is all about and have access to the information they need to meet the needs of their customers, expensive? It doesn’t have to be.

Stephen Pace CEO

Stephen Pace (CEO)

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