We are not suggesting you cover your customers with honey but equally what we are suggesting is sweet!

You’re a contact center specialist right? You want more of your customers to buy from you more often. You want them to rely on your expertise and to come to you for multiple products and services so you can enjoy a long, high value relationship.

Finding ways to cement existing relationships is key to business growth and longevity.  When customers make multiple purchases your margin increases massively and customers are less likely to walk away.

However, if you’re honest, how many of your complex, high value contact center customers know everything you can do to improve their contact center environment?

Founder and CEO of Abraham Group, Inc. Jay Abraham, described by Steven Covey as Americas #1 Marketing Wizard wrote; “When clients turn to you and make a purchase, it’s because they trust and respect you. In their eyes you are a leader, a knowledgeable authority.”  Click here to read more about Jay Abraham.

As a contact center specialist helping customers create an engaging place for their agents to work should always be on your radar, done well it’s something you will be remembered for every time agents, supervisors and managers look up and see the professional, branded and emotive visuals you have provided to them. Conversely without a good visual communications solution to enhance your call or contact centre offering you are more likely to be remembered for the wrong reasons.

View our simple datasheet and 5 minute YouTube video which introduces Optymyse perfectly.

Optymyse improves employee engagement, reduces agent attrition, boosts morale, reduces sick days and has improved performance across five continents.

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