Gamification is key

Does your call centre have a problem? If you are anything like most of the contact centres that we talk to, you are likely to be dealing with an issue that just won’t go away, and one that is leading to customer dissatisfaction and agent churn.

Somewhere along the way your contact centre has made the strategic decision that a new organisational chart and technology alone are your best options to manage the ever-shifting expectations of your customers. But technology and the new team structures aren’t delivering on the business case and the very people the change was supposed to empower are still de-motivated, leading to poor customer service and disappointing performance. Low morale and the resulting impact of high staff turnover and absence is one of the biggest problems the contact centre industry faces.

It impacts every layer of the business and the fundamental purpose of your operation. It can feel like you’re constantly fire-fighting, in spite of your best intentions. So how can you break the cycle? We think there is an answer: It’s time to put people at the heart of great customer service once again. And contact-centre gamification – the application of game-mechanics to customer service to make it more engaging – is one way to achieve that vision.

Jaime Scott Managing Director, EvaluAgent

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