Everyone eats

Employee Engagement Solved

The idea of employee engagement is a big deal for leaders striving to create a thriving and productive population.

Everyone eats.

The conversation around food is robust, but very little of it focuses on using food as an organisational development tool.

Eating is an experience that speaks to everyone.  Creating healthy food environments is a way companies can invest in their employees and create an engaged workforce. Food is used to create a connection between people – its part of every aspect of life.

Providing healthy food to employees influences their work life, their home life, their families, their communities in a positive way, and that is a powerful experience.  With 11 million days lost through absenteeism every year at a cost of 1.5bn, the stakes are clearly high.

A recent survey by the Department of Health tells us that one in six meals is eaten outside of the home.

Employers are rising to the challenge of creating a healthier urbane offering across workplaces in staff restaurants and canteens in an effort to boost employee engagement through food.

Another factor in keeping employees healthy and happy is keeping them hydrated.  Right now, 80% of you reading this are dehydrated. The impacts of dehydration on business are huge as employees all in sick more and produce less work.

Here are some easy and inexpensive ideas you can implement at your office.

  1. Water Cooler. Spend the money on a water cooler or water filtration system. It will save you money in the long run. Provide a few options like lemons and limes to add a bit of flavour.
  2. Fresh Fruit. Supply fresh fruit and vegetables for snacks. About 20% of daily intake of water comes from the fruit and vegetables we eat.
  3. Water Drive. Create a charity water drive. Drink water to help a local charity. Pool together with your co-workers to see how much water you can drink in a month. The number of glasses you drink represents the amount of money you donate to your favourite charity.
  4. Water Bottle. Buy your employees an environmentally friendly water bottle they can refill and have at their desk.

Next time you are seeking advice on how to cut costs, boost morale or increase productivity, turn to the office water cooler – not for the gossip but for the water. You might be surprised what it can do for your business and state of mind.

An employer’s most important priority is employee engagement and retention. Companies want to attract and retain the best talent wherever possible.

Our Optymyse wallboard solution will allow you to promote your food and drink offering in a fun and engaging way keep employees up to date with the latest healthy food options in the vending machines and what the chef’s special will be today.

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