pets at work

At first glance, this may seem like a shaggy dog story – but the idea that having four-legged friends in the workplace can relieve stress is being taken seriously.

A recent study out of the Central Michigan University, which claims that dogs in the workplace can lead to more trust between co-workers and that, leads to more collaboration among team members.

Millennials will surpass baby boomers as the largest pet-owning generation in about three years, according to Stifel Equity Research, and they’ll make up almost half of the workforce by 2020. Now companies are looking to attract those younger employees by letting pets into the office.

A 2015 Society for Human Resource Management survey found 8 percent of American workplaces allow employees to bring their furry loved ones to work, and up from 5 percent in 2013. The same survey found 9 percent of companies such as Google offered pet health insurance to employees, which also marks an increase in recent years.

“Employers are starting to realize that having a millennial bring a pet to work, you wind up getting a more focused employee, you get someone more comfortable at the office and a person willing to work longer hours,” said Bob Vetere, president and CEO of the American Pet Products Association, a trade group representing about 1,200 manufacturers of pet products.

There is evidence that the act of just stroking a dog can help reduce levels of stress. So taking your pooch to work is not as barking as you thought – so spread the word!

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