According to recent research contact centres are replacing every single agent every four years!

Financially, the cost of these levels of staff attrition equate to £2.3 Billion. So could your metrics be part of the problem?

OK so you have a wallboard or desktop solution to keep your agents informed of how well they are handling calls. The metrics are needed, important. But do the numbers you display have a hidden negative impact which is killing agent morale and costing you thousands.

Let’s look at ‘Longest Wait’ and what might that metric actually does to an agent’s morale.

Monday morning is your busiest time and you have a few people who turn up late for work and the call volume to agents is all out of whack. Inevitably, a few callers end up waiting on the line. It’s not ideal but it happens.

The rest of the day goes well, agents pull together and your SLA is good and yet that Longest Wait metric stays there on the screen reminding agents that the start of the day was a disaster.

Forget it, move on.

Yes it’s important, but it’s done. Reminding your team for the whole day simply doesn’t help morale.

So how many call handling metrics do you need to display to get the all-important ‘callers waiting’ message across to your team?

In my opinion just one or two, something like SLA or Calls Waiting and Number of Agents Available is all agents need to make decisions.

If you have a well trained group of agents who are engaged and hard working all they need to know is how many calls are waiting and how many of them are available to take those calls. The rest, Longest Wait, Average Speed to Answer, Average Length of Call and Abandon Rate all make for a negative looking screen full of metric conveying the same message.

Your team will react to simple messaging, not bombardment. They know what call waiting means, your training took care of that. Forget the rest, trust your team.

So now you have freed up 80% of your wallboard space, what are you going to display to engage and motivate your agents?

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