Since 2009 Contact Centre Optimisation experts and developers of Optymyse Wallboard software have been helping ShoreTel customers improve their Contact Centre environments, more recently they have developed their product to connect seamlessly to ShoreTel’s new Connect Cloud platform and in the last 9 months many Connect Cloud customers have been using Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology to improve agent engagement and employee satisfaction by creating digital displays containing the perfect blend of metrics, branding, information and customer feedback.

SJS have been developing data connectors capable of capturing real-time call handling metrics from ShoreTel technology for over 8 years and with the advent of a the new Connect Cloud solution it made perfect sense to ensure the new breed of ShoreTel customers have the option to do more than simply display call handling metrics in a traditional dashboard, instead Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology takes Connect Cloud Contact Centres to a whole new level.

Figures show that failure to keep employees happy and engaged is costing the UK call centre industry as much as £2.3 billion every year. In fact, maintaining low levels of attrition or reducing attrition are the two key goals for modern contact centres today, this is because when an agent is planning to leave they cause disruption, reduce team morale and hurt customer satisfaction, add to this the cost huge associated with recruitment and training and there are good reasons for trying to keep contact centre employees happy and motivated.

ShoreTel customers who want the flexibility to build engaging wallboards which can be used as part of their employee engagement and satisfaction programs choose Optymyse. Although Optymyse has a stable connector for all versions ShoreTels Contact Centre solutions it also allows customer to share CSAT metrics, CRM metrics, Customer Feedback via Social Media, RSS News feeds and other empowering data with agents.

“Traditional wallboards which are dedicated to Call Handling Metrics are negative and do nothing to empower or motivate agents. Sharing CSAT and other customer feedback plus re-enforcing company values and sharing information which allows agents to make customers happy is the best possible route to employee satisfaction.  Agents want nothing more than to hear that their customers are happy, its helps them feel they make a difference.” – Stephen Pace, CEO at SJS Solutions.

If like many Contact Centre professionals, you are looking for cost effective ways to keep your agents from leaving contact SJS Solutions today and learn how easy it is to upgrade your traditional dashboards with Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology.