There are so many ways an organisation could be unintentionally driving good employees out the door. No matter what type of team you manage one thing is for certain; don’t align tech with employee needs and you’ll struggle to increase employee satisfaction.

If we take how call center and contact center technology is used, there are many ways our best intentions can cause unnecessary stress to our most valuable employees, agents. For example, is it possible that in the last 30 years displaying Call Handling Metrics in front of agents remains the best way to motivate and encourage them? Or are these metrics still the most commonly shared real-time metrics because so few have challenge the rationale behind them?

Back in the 90’s any kind of real-time or close to real time metric was considered to be worthy of placing in front of agents and in the days of “bums on seats”, reader boards were all we had to help our agents understand how well they were performing.

Today research has proven that customers will pay more for great Customer Service and yet the vast majority of contact centers I see still display numbers which focus on quantity not quality. It’s 2017 and with the advent of open API’s which allow the capture of more relevant and engaging information like live customer feedback, CSAT metrics and other really cool information surely we have better content to share, content that will help drive employee satisfaction and reduce attrition.

Unless you’re 100% sure your dashboards and or wallboards are helping your agents feel part of something bigger, if you think maybe they need work, are dull, don’t give your agents what they need or you just want to learn more about wallboard best practice, why not send SJS an image of what you are displaying today via our Free Wallboard Review Service even a photo from your phone will do, and we will send you a detailed report containing tips, advice and information you can use to make sure you are not unintentionally sending your agents out the door.