If you sell contact centre solutions, you will know that the products and services you offer are probably not that different to those of your competitors, you will also know how hard it is to convince prospects that you are in fact different.

There is nothing wrong with the products and services you offer, the problem is your competitors are offering the very same solutions, and although you can wrap them differently and try to differentiate using service, reputation and location, you could be missing something…

It’s too easy to focus all your efforts selling the tech you know well and less time offering your audience ways to achieve their personal goals.

There is a reason why the world’s biggest brands sell dreams not products and services.

Let’s take contact centre managers as an example, what do you think their personal goals are?

Advanced IVR, lower TCO, a more resilient server? Or is earning the respect of their agents something they would get excited about, or being able to leave work on time every day?

Building connections is how you become more successful and that’s why when we enhance contact centres using Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology our focus is always on making agents happier, because we know how hard it is for CS Managers to succeed without the respect of their teams.

By working with SJS you will have access to the knowledge you need to make emotional connections with Customer Service Directors, HR Managers, and Contact Centre Managers.

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