For those of you who’ve not had time to read the latest research into employee engagement here’s the science behind keeping your agents from walking out the door and making the most of the thousands you invest in them.

First off, what do people think about working in a call or contact centre, well it’s not good I’m afraid, these are quotes taken from several people who have worked for contact centres in the UK and USA:

“Call Centres are a modern-day Workhouse”

“Induction and training is basically; examining the quality of new livestock”

“You learn about 1% of what you actually need to know before you get on the phones”

“I used to sit in my car and psych myself up at lunch time”

“It’s the only job I’ve ever had that made me feel physically sick every day”

Now I know that this is not the case everywhere, but I am equally concerned that the reputation of working in a contact centre is being tarnished, if this trend continues it will become much harder to find decent agents, they will leave more often and sooner and your company will have to pick up the bill for retraining and recruitment making it even harder to afford to upgrade technology, improve working environments and afford pay rises for those doing a great job.

Imagine how much easier your day would be if you had a cost effective way to use Human Behavioural Science to make your contact centre agents happy, engaged and satisfied?

That’s what you will learn at our next CCMC Training Session, 27th July. Plus, we are giving away £22,000 ($28,000) worth of information, tools and advice for free, but first you need to register…..

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