So, you convinced your boss to budget for the upgrade of your contact centre wallboards, and you have had presentations from a few companies, and you choose the templates you liked the look of the most – logical right, like many people you are probably motivated visually and have gone for the slickest presentation, but now your being told if you want to change your templates you need to pay high professional services fees, and if you want more screens you must buy expensive media devices!

You have 2 options, keep quiet and leave your templates as they are, or go back to your boss with egg on your face and explain that you choose the wrong product and need more money.

Option One may seem like the cheapest but if you want your investment to pay off you need to keep the attention of your agents, sticking to the same colours and theme won’t do that instead your slick wallboard will start to become as dull as wallpaper.

Option Two is a tough one because what you’re admitting is you didn’t ask the right questions and now need more funding, so what are the right questions:

  • How easy is it for me to change the content?

Be specific, you don’t just want to see how to change a metric or add a logo, you want the supplier to show you how to change any part of the design, that way you can be sure that you have control not them.

  • Do I get more than one template?

We used to charge for templates but decided that giving our customers unlimited access to all our templates means they are more likely to change their designs, and therefore more likely to keep their agents engaged.

  • Is there anything I can’t change?

This is a double check to ensure that you really do have control of your designs.

  • How much does it cost to pull metrics from other sources?

Like many wallboard software manufacturers, we used to charge to create bespoke connectors but found this meant our customer only displayed the usual, morale busting Call Handling Metrics so now we have a REST API to allow them to create connectors as they need them plus offer an ODBC connector which covers the most popular database and export formats –

  • Can I use any mini PC to drive my TV screens?

We used to work this way but our customers never liked being tied to our hardware so we have moved to a completely browser based model and let our customers decide which device (Chromebox, Intel NUC, Raspberry Pi etc) they want to use so it’s easy and cheaper for them.

Choose a wallboard product which gives you maximum flexibility, design something which promotes employee engagement and productivity, avoid too many negative metrics and you have a chance your agents will use them.  To find out EXACTLY how to create the perfect wallboard Contact Us and arrange a chat with one of our Employee Engagement Experts.