Last week I was asked to present “The Art of Selling to Contact Centre Manager” to a group of senior sales people who sell UC, Telecoms, Collaboration and Contact Centre solutions for one of the leading manufacturers. Nothing new there then? Except on this occasion I was surprised when the head of this highly motivated and talented group of professionals told the group that their core technology is just one way to differentiate from the competition, the other is to leverage value added solutions which touch different audiences and focus on real business outcomes.

Everyone does that right? WRONG!

I’ve been working with telecom vendors for the last 16 years, and in that time I have noticed a worrying trend, many of these companies don’t seem to understand that when it comes to contact centres the agents are a huge factor. Of late more and more of us are talking about “Selling Outcomes” and that’s all very good, but how can you sell outcomes if you don’t really understand what these outcomes look like.  Take a contact centre for example, if we assume the purpose of a contact centre is to deliver customer excellence and loyalty, it’s perfectly plausible to have an extremely successful contact centre with old technology. How? Well because it’s the agents who create those positive experiences which customer come back for time and time again, not the techno logy. The opposite however is not true, you might sell a customer the latest contact centre tech and because the agents are disengaged, disloyal and unhappy, this investment will never deliver the returns it could have.

So as a contact centre solutions provider where does your responsibility stop? Does it stop at delivering the technology and keeping the IT Director happy? Or does your responsibility extend to the agents, their environment, tools, happiness and ability to create customer loyalty?

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