In recent months we’ve partnered with experts in all things Genesys, the outcome of this partnership is that Genesys customers can now experience the very best in contact centre wallboard technology at a fraction of the cost, usually associated with these levels of flexibility and scalability.

Optymyse is not your average wallboard, first off all of our templates have been created using the latest employee engagement techniques, and we don’t require expensive hardware to create stunning environments, focused on making the lives of agents more fulfilled.

Optymyse is browser-based, our customers choose what hardware they use and this can be anything from a Rashberry Pi to an i5 Intel NUC, the choices are almost endless. Optymyse uses the latest REST API technology to allow Genesys customers to display real time data, from Stats Server via a tried and tested connector. But that’s the tip of the iceberg, because we have used the very latest web-based technology to create a brand new version of Optymsye, customers have the flexibility to create connectors into just about any data source, giving them the flexibility to share more pertinent and useful data with agents, because lets face it agents know they need to answer calls as quickly as they can, so how much better can they do their jobs with a TV screen full of call handling metrics?  Tell them how your customers are feeling, how many support tickets you have open, share sales performance from CRM systems and furnish them with the knowledge they need to deliver a better service, recognise their efforts and show them how important they are, and suddenly your wallboard’s become an integral part of your success rather than something agents ignore.

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