It’s over a year since we deployed Optymyse Advanced Wallboard Technology on Mitel Connect Cloud, and it was not without its challenges, but I am pleased to say all customers are now happily enjoying engaging, professional wallboard’s and more and more Mitel Connect customers, especially those who understand the importance of agent engagement, are choosing Optymyse.

Unfortunately there are still a lot of companies out there who insist on displaying the same metrics we gave to agents back in the 90s!

It seems on the whole, little thought goes into the process of designing a wallboard, and no one seems to be asking agents what they want to see; knowledge transfer, recognition, customer feedback, alternative metrics, news, company values, branding are all missing and yet it’s this information which will increase agent engagement and ultimately reduce staff turnover.

So why do so many contact centres still have dull wallboard’s displaying data from a single source?  Well, I hate to say it some of the blame has to be placed in the hands of the telephony vendors, few of them really understand enough about employee engagement or what it takes to make a contact centre successful, because a tiny minority have any experience in the day to day running of a contact centre.

Right now we’re offering those vendors the chance to change this via our minimal effort RESELLER PROGRAM. But the only real way for us to improve the lives of agents is for the end users to demand more from their wallboard’s. See what we can do for your contact centre: