It’s almost 10 years since we delivered the first Optymyse wallboard solution on the Unify Open scape platform, and I’m so pleased that many of the Unify team I worked with back then are still around, that says a lot about a company – great people!

In the last few years the delivery of engaging, agent focused wallboard’s at Unify sites has accelerated, and many of their largest UK customers have created their own unique and well thought out templates, and are experiencing higher levels of employee satisfaction as a result. So why don’t all Unify contact centres use Optymyse?

It seems there are still companies out there who have yet to realise the impact a TV screen hanging from the wall has on agents. Research shows that agents want 3 things: Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose and yet traditional metrics address none of these needs.

So why do so many contact centres still have dull wallboard’s displaying data from a single source?  Well, firstly account managers and telecom vendors often under estimate the value of flexible well designed wallboard’s and opt to leave wallboard’s off their offering to keep costs down. In my experience this can be costly, especially when the CS Manager kicks up a stink when they’re shown a basic table of numbers and told “There’s your wallboard!”. The other reason is some CS Managers are so busy running their contact centre, they don’t have time to sit down and re-design their wallboard’s using the latest employee engagement techniques – that’s where SJS comes into place.  We don’t just sell Unify customers the most advanced and flexible wallboard software on the market, we help customers understand the science behind what makes an effective wallboard. We’ll look at the metrics available and work out what will increase engagement, what’s most likely to positively impact CSAT and reduce staff turnover, and how to give agents purpose and allow them to feel they are mastering their jobs.

Right now we’re offering Unify vendors the chance to deliver perfect wallboard’s via our minimal effort Reseller Program, but the only real way for us to improve the lives of agents is for end users to demand more from their wallboard’s, so if your using Unify let us know.

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