Gold Mine in Real Time

Digital wallboard’s are gold mines for contact centers.

In an age when timeliness of information is a core competitive advantage across the entire business world, digital wallboard’s provide enormous amounts of customized information in real time. They create inspirational, engaging environments for employees. They provide managers and employees alike with performance and customer-care-quality metrics simultaneously so that they can react instantly. They enable tremendous flexibility of messaging. They deliver their information on any device anywhere the user wants it delivered.

And they do all of these things at low cost through innovative technology.

Extracting Full Value

Comments on the use of wallboard’s range from “I love them”, to “I can’t live without them.” To get those rave reviews, contact center managers need to understand how to best deploy and use wallboard’s. Without a clear focus on the value of the information and an understanding of how to best use the information available, call centers could have comments like “Our digital wallboard’s really haven’t moved the needle for us” and “I’ve noticed that after a while, our employees stop paying attention to them”.

Contact center managers and employees are among the busiest workers anywhere. They’re busy answering calls, holding meetings, conducting coaching sessions, leading training sessions, completing reports, fulfilling customer requests. They are measured and managed to the minute, every minute of the day…..


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