Employee and customer happiness are inexplicably linked; therefore, any form of visual communication should drive improvements in employee engagement, happiness and satisfaction. How? Simple. Give your employees the information they need to confidently deliver positive experiences no matter where they’re located.


Your company has a major incident which means services to certain customers will be compromised.

Without any visual communication capabilities, employees will only have the capability to view reports on the impact of the incident including big spikes in Call Volumes, Wait Times, drops in SLA, increased Abandoned rates and Avg Speed to answer.

Impact on Employees:

Increased Stress, Lower Morale, and Negativity towards management (why didn’t they tell us?)

Impact on Customers:

Customer’s sense panic and stress, poor reviews, negative comments on Social Media, lost business.

How Optimise helps:

Using instant messaging either via scrolling messages or virtual noticeboards management can instantly deliver 4 key pieces of key information to employees via TVs, Desktops or Mobile Devices:

  • Nature of the problem
  • Who it affects and how
  • What is being done
  • When it will be resolved and what to tell customers

Impact on Agents:

Lower levels of stress, higher levels of Autonomy, empowerment, gratitude towards management – Higher levels of employee loyalty

Impact on Customers:

Higher CSAT and NPS scores, positive reviews – Higher levels of customer loyalty, increased lifetime value of customer.

So, what’s stopping you? If you care about your employees and customers and want to ensure their needs are always being met, then Optymyse is for you. Unlike traditional wallboard’s and dashboards designs, our templates are focussed on the happiness and well being of your employees, get that right and your success is guaranteed! – Get a Quote, Save Time and Money and Make Employee Disengagement a thing of the past!