Technology can be great and in most cases a new support desk, CRM or contact centre solution will deliver considerable benefits over legacy systems, but does purchasing new technology guarantee success?

Absolutely not!

Why? The main technology projects are run by IT departments and although these guys are great at delivering value for money, they often lack customer service, sales and human behaviour experience – and this is a problem.

Solution? Well first off, seek feedback from the people who are using the technology, so you can understand where they’re struggling today, what the new tech needs to address and how best to gain buy in.

Without a high level of buy in from the end users any project will fail to reach its maximum potential.

Also consider what add-ons could help you get everyone excited, because most end users are not that interested in the core technology, but can be excited by things that will enhance their environment. One powerful and cost-effective way to engage employees and gain higher levels of buy in from end users.

In the case of contact centres and helpdesks this means evolving from simple call handling wallboards to something far more exciting incorporating; information, metrics, recognition, company values, birthdays, league tables and alerts. For sales desks TV screens can be used to increase sales by creating an environment which celebrates success and keeps sales people motivated and educated.

Whether you run a sales desk, contact centre or helpdesk, there are simply, cost effective ways you can quickly increase employee performance, reduce staff dissatisfaction, increase employee engagement and ensure you are able to maximise the impact of technology projects?

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