Analytics is big business, but what message are you sending your employees when you display management information on TV screens, and what impact does it have?

I worked as a commercial analyst for TNT Express for two years and after that spent 3 years analysing KPIs, mystery shopper results and regularly used this information to help increase the performance of customer care centres, so I know how easy it is to develop a one-dimensional view of performance.

Since leaving TNT Express (now owed by FedEx) I have spent the last 17 years helping organisations get the most from their Customer Care personnel, and I often come across organisations who make the mistake of taking management reports and displaying them in their call or contact centres.

So, what’s the problem with doing this?  After all it’s a cost-effective way to inform agents, supervisors and managers of call volumes. Well firstly to be effective and avoid any negative effects to morale, engagement and employee satisfaction, all of communications need to be audience specific. Taking reports designed for managers and displaying them in front of agents will create negativity, because these reports tend to highlight the negatives and often include information agents have no control over. Secondly MI does not tackle Employee Engagement in any way, in fact most of the agents I have spoken to over the years dislike the Wallboards and Dashboards for that very reason.

So, what’s the solution?  Start by asking yourself what you want to achieve by having information publicly displayed on TV screens? If the answer is to ensure supervisors know which agents are taking too many breaks or who is staying on a call for too long, then take them down and instead give your supervisors dashboards they can view on their mobile phone or tablet.

If, however you want to increase morale, engagement and satisfaction by recognising excellence and supporting your teams to reach sales targets, increase customer satisfaction or reduce staff turnover, then it’s time to challenge every metric you display on your TVs and ask yourself a key question:

What information (not just call handling metrics) do my team need to feel autonomous, to be able to master their role and have a purpose?

Publicly displayed information is influencing the mood of your employees every minute of every day, the way it’s displayed, the colours you use, the messages it sends to our conscious and subconscious. Making sure you get the right message to your employees takes some thought, get it right and the benefits are huge. Find out more!