By now most people are aware that organisations with high levels of employee engagement are enjoying 10% higher customer ratings, 22% higher profitability, and 21% better productivity, that’s according to a huge study by Gallup plus a big serving of common sense, but how can you start to enjoy these improvements right away?

Well to put your customers second and your employees first there’s a lot that needs to change, including mind set, budget allocation, priorities and leadership, but all of these things take a long time, so I’m talking about quick, simple things you can do to help you start things moving in the right direction and assist you in your planning.

One area I am passionate about is visual communications, and the messages you send out to employees who might not have the same exposure to strategy as managers do, this is your biggest challenge and the people who deal with your customers or sell your products are the people you need to convince.

Recognising people!

It always amazes me how so many companies are so keen to make sure employees are made aware of when things are going wrong; “We need an audio alert and visual alert right across all TV screens when calls are waiting” They’ll tell me, OK great and what do you want to do when your SLA’s are being met or an employee is performing above your expectations?

Quick Fix One: If you use Wallboard’s, Dashboards or Digital Signage of any kind make sure you’ve got them programmed to SHOUT as loudly as possible when things are going well, either with particular KPI or when it comes to company achievements, sharing this stuff via the same medium you use to tell your employees they are not doing enough will create balance and a feeling of fairness, this is vital if you want your employees to be satisfied.

Don’t be One-Dimensional!

If you only share metrics about one part of your business you run the risk that employees will believe these are the things you care about the most.  Makes sense right?

Quick Fix Two: Share a balance of metrics, CSAT, Call Handling, NPS, Social feedback etc, so your employees get a more rounded view of how they are doing and you achieve your goals.

Don’t hide information from employees!

Transparency is a key driver for engagement and satisfaction, if employees feel they are being kept in the dark about things that they understand and find useful, they will immediately feel left out, let down and untrustworthy.

Quick Fix Three: Use your existing TV screens to share more content and information, anything that helps employees have a purpose, be autonomous and master their roles.

If you’d like to see some examples of this check out our YouTube Channel.