Employee Satisfaction is driven by many things, Engagement being one of the key drivers, but what can you expect in return for more focus on your employees and less focus towards your customers…. Did I just write that, yes LESS customer focus.

I’m from a Customer Care background so putting the customer second was not an easy concept to grasp, but in the last 3 years this has indeed been my main focus and what I teach my customers. Employee Engagement has always been an area businesses have kept an eye on, but now research companies like Gallup have shown just how much organisations with high employee engagement perform better and how much nicer it is to work in these environments, surely this is something we should all be looking at, properly.

One of the studies which helped me understand what motivated people was the study my MIT which has been brilliantly illustrated by RSA (The Royal Society of Arts) – http://www.optymyse.com/soundbytes/ 

So, what can be done, to quickly increase employee engagement without drawn out projects and big budgets:

Opportunity One: Challenge all content you share publicly with your employees, that means notice boards, intranets, wallboard’s, dashboards, digital signage. I would even go as far as to say, if you can’t compose or create content which when shared allows your employees to do a better job, gives them purpose and recognises their importance then these lines of communication are reducing employee engagement. Examples include Call Handling Wallboard’s where only one set of KPIs are being displayed, supervisor dashboards blown up onto TV screens, Digital Signage which is out of date, or contains content employees don’t care about.

Opportunity Two: If like most companies you have TVs hanging from the wall somewhere in your office, do one of two things; invest the time to get the content right on these screens, or take them down, sell them on ebay and give the money to charity, at least that way they will do some good.

Opportunity Three: If you want to get some return for the money you’ve invested in TV screens, cabling and the manpower to mount TVs, give ownership of the content to someone who understands the needs of the audience.

And finally, if you’re planning to buy some kind of visual communications / wallboard software, make sure it gives you the Autonomy to Master the creation of engaging content therefore ensuring its fit for Purpose.