Phrases like Customer Excellence, Customer Experience, Customer Satisfaction, Customer Delight and Voice of the Customer have been ringing in our ears for over a decade and now it’s the turn of the agents, the employees.

But what is Employee Engagement and why should you care? Well it’s one of the key drivers behind Employee Satisfaction and a move away from VOC towards Voice of the Employee.

First off what are the fundamentals? well it’s simple, we (human beings) have 3 fundamental needs which drive our effort level (motivation) at work, they are Autonomy, Mastery and Purpose.  Unfortunately ensuring these are met is less than simple and requires a concerted effort, the payoff though is huge and for many companies the key to higher levels of profitability and loyalty on both side of interactions with customers.

This blog is here to help those of you who want to start to put the employee first, the tips below will help you to introduce VOE as a concept and take the first few steps towards higher levels of employee engagement and satisfaction.

1.) Challenge the metrics you use to measure success in your contact centres, many of these metrics create disengagement and a simple shift away from them, and the introduction of more positive metrics will have an impact on morale. If you’d like some help getting this right feel free to contact SJS Solutions for Free Advice.

2.) Make sure you are making the most of anything positive happening in your business, you can do this by sharing positive news or even real time KPIs via Dashboards and Wallboard’s, positive threshold rules for example.

3.) Give your employees the tools, information and support they need to succeed. Contrary to popular belief agents want nothing more than to make your customers happy. This could be real-time incident alerts with advice on how to deal with unhappy customers displayed on your TV screens or reminders of special offers.

3 and a bit.) Give your employees a reason to love the company they work for, push your company values and brand across all communication points this will give them Purpose.

If you’d like to see our take on what you should be displaying on TV screens in your call or contact centre, select a template you’d like us to brand and we’ll create a demonstration to get some ideas going!