If you’re looking for a way to get the attention of prospects, give your proposal the edge and make sure your pitch is never forgotten, we have the solution…

Stop delivering low impact, traditional dashboards and wallboard’s, and instead use Optymyse Advanced Wallboard’s to start conversations about employee engagement, staff morale and attrition.

What you get:

Unlimited Branded Demonstrations:  Simply choose the vertical, select a template and we’ll send you a link to a wallboard demonstration that will blow your competition into the dust!

Images: We’ll also send you images you can use to get your proposal noticed.

Free Employee Engagement Consultancy: Whether we do this as part of the tender process or after you’ve closed the deal, you can rely on SJS to deliver a compelling presentation, providing new insight into the world of employee engagement in call and contact centres.

Reseller Discounts: Not only will we help you close your next contact centre deal, we’ll make sure you make more margin (SaaS and Capex).

Education: Once you’ve sold one Optymyse you’ll never be able to offer traditional wallboard’s again, why? Because they don’t work and you’ll know exactly why.

Don’t miss this opportunity to really disrupt and differentiate!