In most cases a new contact centre or help desk solution will deliver considerable benefits over legacy systems, but does purchasing new technology guarantee success in your organisation?

No, not at all, this is because in many cases technology projects are run by IT departments and although these guys are great at finding the best match and value for money, they’re not in charge of the people who use the technology on a day to day basis and who make customer delight a reality.

The solution is to get feedback from the people who are using the technology, so you can understand where they’re struggling today and what the new technology needs to address. Also consider what add-ons could help you get everyone excited and a lot more engaged.

A great way to achieve this is to completely revamp the way you display information on TV screens and wallboard’s so the content is modern, engaging and dynamic. This would mean evolving from simple call handling wallboard’s to something far more exciting incorporating; information, metrics, recognition, company values, birthdays, league tables and alerts.

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