What d’ya mean take the call handling metrics off our wallboards!? Are you mad? If that sounds like a strange thing to do read on, if you’ve taken all or most of your call handling metrics off your TV screens, bravo!

Everyone is talking about employee engagement, putting the customer second, a renewed focus on employees, but how do you get that ball rolling in your call or contact centre?

Wallboards are a great place to start, they’re visual, prominent and accessible to all of your agents and should be part of your internal communications / employee engagement strategy. Unfortunately, in most cases they contain just one set of metrics and haven’t changed with the times. At SJS Solutions we’ve turned Traditional Call Centre Wallboards on their head, using a simple 3 step technique, we transform traditional wallboards into an engaging source of content your agents will enjoy.

3 simple steps you say? First of all, let’s make one thing absolutely clear, no one is forcing you to buy our Engagement Wallboard Software, it’s there if you don’t have the flexibility within your existing technology. What we are offering anyone who cares about the well-being of their agents, is the chance to go through our tried and tested 3 step processes with us. We’re offering you a fresh set of eyes, and these eyes have seen A LOT of wallboards.

The 3 C’s:

1: Challenge the metrics you display today.

2: Provide a more balanced picture by Consolidating metrics from more than one source.

3: Create engaging designs capable of increasing employee engagement, wellbeing and ultimately reduce staff turnover.

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