What if there was a quick, cost effective way to use technology you’ve already paid for to reduce agent turnover and increase customer loyalty?

TV’s, you have them all over your call centres and in my experience none of them are optimised to increase employee engagement, reduce stress and support your agents! Why? Probably because you don’t realise just how much of an impact the information you display on these TVs has on agent morale. The fact is anything on a TV screen can do one of two things; engage or disengage, encourage or discourage, reduce or increase stress, you get the picture.

However, take a different approach to the content and the way you share it, and you start to move toward making agent disengagement a thing of the past – sound too simple? We’ve created a 3-step process which take negative, traditional wallboard’s and transforms them into engaging visual communications tools, guaranteed to reduce staff turnover.

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