There are companies who will tell you displaying a bunch of call handling metrics on a TV screen will improve your contact centre. If you know anything about agents, people and human behaviour you’ll know traditional wallboards don’t work. That’s why we’ve created a 3 step process, to help companies create wallboards that drive success as well as the software to develop advanced templates. 

The problem is traditional wallboards only tell your agents how fast they’re answering the telephone, if that’s all you measure your wallboards are the least of your worries. Giving agents access to metrics which show them how well they are looking after your customer’s needs (CSAT), or if customers are impressed enough to recommend your business to others (NPS), is far more likely to drive success and profitability.

Next up is operational performance, if you measure things like service failures or on time delivery, you need to share that with your agents so they can be prepared for the types of calls they’re likely to get and have answers ready, so customer confidence increases and agent stress reduces. The Optymyse REST API and ODBC connectors make it possible to create a rounded view of performance.

Last but by no means least; sharing knowledge with your agents is a great way to reduce stress, increase employee engagement and create a strong connection with your brand. Optymyse does this by allowing you to incorporate virtual notice boards, scrolling messages and other forms of instant communication.

But the real value in working with SJS is our 20+ years’ experience in customer care and contact centres, and the way we use the latest employee engagement research, along with free consultancy to guide you towards more successful contact centres.

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