Oh the joys of Call Handling Metrics! Yes used correctly they are useful, but in most cases I see they are not used in a positive manner. Here are some ideas to help you create a more rounded view of performance, which should focus your agents on things that matter, just as much, if not more than answering calls, while creating a more enjoyable wallboard experience and higher levels of employee engagement.

OK, so we’ve already covered why some metrics do more harm than good in previous blogs, but here’s a recap of why these metrics are OK for Supervisors tablets and desktops, but don’t belong on wallboards used by agents.

  • Total Calls Taken – Great for Managers and Supervisors, but Agents don’t need to know call volumes because they can’t influence this metric or do anything positive with it. In fact in most cases when volumes increase above the previous day, some agents will tell themselves they can’t possibly meet SLA targets or deliver positive customer experiences, so what you’re actually doing is giving them a reason to lower their performance.
  • Longest Wait – This is a horrible metric which blames all of your agents for one incident that may have occurred a while ago, swap this for Avg Wait Time or just use SLA. Agents will respond more positively to Calls Waiting or low SLA.
  • Abandoned Calls – First off make sure you are not including calls that are abandoned before your SLA, ie customers who call you and then hang up because their doorbell rings, these calls are no fault of your agents. Secondly, what can your agents do differently by knowing number of abandoned calls vs SLA? Repeating metrics which serve the same purpose will create negativity and unnecessary stress all linked to low employee engagement and high staff turnover.

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Now you’re starting to clear off some of those pesky call handing metrics you have some decisions to make, do you use the extra space to increase engagement and morale with virtual noticeboards containing birthday messages, company values, success stories and customer feedback? or do you pull in metrics like CSAT and NPS to create a more rounded view of performance and encourage your agents to care more about what they do? Whatever you decide to do remember your agents WANT to do a great job, if you support them in that process they will receive gratitude from your customers and this is the most powerful way to increase agent satisfaction and reduce your costs.