I have previously mentioned about the damage negative metrics will do to agent morale, and which are the worst metrics – https://www.sjssolutions.com/save-thousands-by-removing-call-handling-metrics-from-your-wallboards/  Today I’d like to give you some ideas for more engaging metrics. First off why do agents respond so well when they are given access to metrics like CSAT and NPS, even something as simple as an after call survey result is all you need. Historically agents only get to see call handling metrics, this not only creates a very one sided view of performance but it also excludes agents from the very thing they care about the most, customer satisfaction. Every time you exclude your agents or only give them access to censored or filtered metrics they will feel excluded and less important, on the flip side share real time customer feedback and CSAT type metrics with them and they will feel more valued and empowered to make a difference.

You’ll get better results if you give your agents just 3 or 4 call handling metrics, for example:

Available Agents (Resource)

Calls Waiting (Demand)

SLA (Performance)

And introduce live twitter feeds, Facebook feedback, CSAT, NPS, after call survey results, web chat surveys. Anything you have which will give agents a better indication of what the customer is saying, feeling and thinking about their experience, will drive employee engagement, performance, satisfaction and reduce your overheads.

If you’d like to learn how SJS gather metrics from multiple sources and use these metrics to deliver engaging wallboards, feel free to contact us at [email protected] or check out our YouTube Channel for examples of our work, all Optymyse templates can be edited by you, training is provided and every customer receives free consultancy to assist with content selection and design.