With a little training a monkey could answer the telephone when it rings and in theory improve your call handling metrics. Of course once the phone is answered the monkey runs out of brain power and would need the complex, powerful and sophisticated human brain to deal with emotion, emphathy, complex processes and deliver positive customer experiences. Why then, do so many contact centre managers insist on displaying TV screens filled with Call Handling Metrics and nothing else?

Take a minute to think about how insulting a traditional wallboard really is to your agents, firstly you’re only measuring how fast they can do the job of a monkey, at no point do you share how well they performed the complex tasks which took place on the call. Secondly you’re reminding a person who applied to be a call centre agent, knowing the job involves answering the phone, to..well answer the phone!

Agents know they need to answer the phone but we insist on telling them how badly this “basic task” is being performed, in as many ways as we can (longest wait, avg wait, abandonded calls, SLA, TSF etc etc….). None of these metrics will allow your agents to get to the next call any faster than they could if you just told them how many calls are waiting.

I’m not saying a one metric wallboard is the answer, but the neuroscience proves that the over use of call handling metrics and lack of other content, will damage morale and misses the point.

At SJS we use the latest Neuroscience to ensure your wallboards respect, recognise and support your agents, moving them towards engagement, trust and happiness in your organisation.

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