The SCARF model is one of the most powerful management tools you’ll ever find, because it allows us to understand why our employees work hard or don’t.

SCARF has been around for a while, and many large corporations include this type of Neuroscience based training to improve the performance of their managers, but could it also be something customer service managers can use to build more successful call and contact centres?

The research is based on the study of the brain, so unless you are recruiting aliens or monkeys to man the phones, you’ll find understanding SCARF will help you and your agents be more effective, happier and more engaged.

At SJS we use scientific studies into Neuroscience and Human Behaviour to ensure our customers understand the impact the metrics and content they place on TV screens, wallboards if you like, are aligned with the principles of SCARF. We do this because we know how traditional wallboards are perceived by agents to be a direct attack on their Status, how they do little to increase Certainty, Autonomy or Relatedness and how they represent an unFair view of their performance as customer service representatives.

Get your Wallboards checked against SCARF today!