We all want your agents to be happy, stress free and engaged right? But how can science help us understand how to achieve this, and can changing the way you measure and communicate via your wallboards, really create a better balance of hormones in your agents?

If you’re new to SJS and our approach to wallboards, you may find these claims quite hard to believe, but if you’ve been reading our blogs, following us on LinkedIn or have watched the new series of videos on YouTube you’ll know that we use science to create what we call Brain Centric Wallboards. All Optymyse templates have been created with the human brain in mind, we do this because even small improvements on Human Performance result in impressive improvements in profitability. So what does this have to do with hormones? Well, you’ll need to read more, request a consultancy call or subscribe to our YouTube channel or facebook to learn more. Our brains produce hormones based on our experiences, and we are constantly checking for certain triggers (SCARF) to determine what state we are in; if we feel included, significant, valued and part of a tribe. Our brains produce hormones like Serotonin, sometimes called the happy chemical, because it contributes to wellbeing and happiness.  If however the way you measure and communicate with agents is considered unfair and there is a lack or tribe in your contact centre, your brain will move you to the “Minimise Danger State” were your productivity and ability to perform will be impaired drastically.

As managers, we all want better performance from our teams, here at SJS we simplify the science that will allow you to understand how to use tools like Wallboards, to drive higher levels of performance by aligning content with the organising principles of the human brain.

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We all know the success of any Call or Contact Centre lies with in the agents. That’s why everything you do, every report, wallboard, coaching session needs to move your agents towards their most productive state “Maximise Reward”, also known as “Engagement”.

One of the easiest ways to do this is to make sure your wallboards are brain-centric and pass the SCARF test.

Status – Am I valuable?

Certainty – What happens if?

Autonomy – Do I have control?

Relatedness – Do I belong (tribe)?

Fairness – Am I treated fairly?

To review your wallboards and learn how to move your agents towards their most productive state, and away from the “Minimise Danger” state. Contact SJS and arrange your FREE consultancy session.

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