Optymyse has been developed on the latest software platforms and is a software only, browser-based product, this means deployment is simple and the choice of compatible hardware options is endless.

We recently tested Optymyse using the Raspberry Pie 3 B+, at just £35/$40 Raspberry Pi’s are one of the most cost-effective ways to push your Optymyse Brain Centric Wallboard Designs onto large screens/displays.

Our customers have had great success with other Raspberry Pi Models, and the latest model (Raspberry Pi 3 B+) is perhaps the most impressive version yet.

The Raspberry Pi Foundation released a new and improved Raspberry Pi 3 last year, bringing improved networking and performance, making this tiny microcomputer even more attractive, what’s even more impressive is that the price point of the Raspberry Pi hasn’t changed at all.

While the design might not have changed all that much, the main improvements are: an obvious increase in speed and faster networking. The speed boost to networking makes certain operations much less of a chore than with previous Raspberry Pi devices.

With regards to displaying your Brain Centric Wallboard designs onto the Raspberry Pi 3 B+, first you need to create a display in Optymyse, a unique URL is created, which you then put into the browser on the Raspberry Pi, it’s that simple.

From an Optymyse point of view the Raspberry Pi’s increase in speed, will make transitions, animations, videos and scrolling messages smoother, allowing you to get really creative when building engaging templates, plus at that price you can stock a spare or two so you know you’ll be prepared, should any of the live devices fail, leaving your CS Managers without their beloved Optymyse Wallboards!

In conclusion the Raspberry Pi 3 B+ is a low-cost device that can act as a fully-functional desktop PC. In terms of value for money, it’s simply unbeatable, and it’s an easy-to-recommend upgrade. Still dirt cheap and now faster than ever.

Pi 3 B+ Model gets a thumbs up from SJS Solutions!

Lastly, if you’re a bit of a Raspberry Pi obsessive, you will look forward to the new Raspberry Pi 4, reportedly releasing this year. We look forward to testing this with Optymyse in the future. In the meantime to keep up to date with Raspberry Pi 4’s release date and new features, click the following:  https://www.techworld.com/developers/raspberry-pi-4-release-date-new-features-3673222/ and to learn more about Optymyse and how our Brain Centric Wallboards can maximise the performance of your call or contact centre, visit our website: https://www.sjssolutions.com/optymyse/